February 8, 2017

Small Home Big Style: A Vibrant New York City Apartment

Hi Everyone!

Hey hey hey!  Happy Wednesday peeps!  Its time for a another fun Small Home feature.  This was actually supposed to be up last week, but WordPress was tweaking out on me and I couldn’t access anything until yesterday!.  Thankfully Ive resolved the issue so we are back in business…and am I glad we are! 

Today we have Megan here with us to talk a bit about her experience as a small home dweller.  Megan and I became fast friends over social media and actually have become quite close of over the past couple years.  She’s a fashion and lifestyle blogger and I just love her style.  She also happens to me a momma to 2 cute little boys with another one on the way!  Her sweet family lives in NYC and all share a home under 800sft!!!  I just HAD to have her here to talk a bit about how she lives and loves in her small home:

Where/What city do you live in? Astoria, Queens NYC

Who do you share your home with? My husband, two kids and 2 cats.

Do you own or rent? Rent

How many sq ft is your home? About 700

What do you love most about small space living? It’s not overwhelming in size and super cozy.

What challenges have you faced? Finding a happy medium for my shared/office living room. It’s a funky shape and it’s taken almost 3 years to figure out what works for the room – we’re still figuring things out.

Any unique storage solutions? Baskets and hidden storage EVERYWHERE.

What’s your favorite room in your home? Living room, I’m obsessed with the moody deep pink walls.

Do you every wish you had more space? Only when it comes to storage issues. Otherwise I love our tiny space.

Best piece of small space living advice? Get and stay organized. Small spaces can easily get cluttered and messy if everything doesn’t have a special home or place to go at the end of the day.


I mean…how fabulous are those gorgeous magenta walls in her space.  As you guys can imagine, I love that she really went there with such a highly saturated color in her small home.  Its so unexpected and its really lovely.  Thanks you so much Megan for sharing your home with us today.  Ive I’m ever in NYC make sure you make room for me!  Until next time friends….




  • Reply Christina March 16, 2017 at 6:33 AM

    I had a yoga studio painted the same magenta. I worried it might be too stimulating at first, but it was just the opposite — it was relaxing and made my students’ and my heart happy!

  • Reply Narisha February 20, 2017 at 11:35 PM

    Love your ideas ^^
    I have some ideas similiar with this article. Decorating small home or spaces really challenging.

    Easy Home Redecorating Ideas for Small House

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